American women dating in europe

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I have nothing against hooking up, but nobody wants to fuck a guy that makes it a goal to sleep with as many women as possible, unless they have no self respect.

But buried toward the bottom of its About Us page is a fuzzy You Tube video that indicates a wider problem.

True love can 8767 t be stopped and if I can facilitate you finding your future wife in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, China, Slovenia, Macedonia, or Asia my only goal in life is to help to you find true love with the beautiful women who reside there. I remember a single day after returning to the states and entering a mall in Long Island, NY, where I entered through the large cafeteria.

I was literally repulsed by what I saw row after row after row of fat, spilling over cafeteria chairs, attached to females wearing 8775 comfortable 8776 clothing, not one in a hundred even came close to the classy female of the Balkans.

Maybe American women realize that and choose not to go anywhere near a pig.

You must have really low standards because at least where I live in Europe, women wouldn 8767 t even dare get close to you, you wreak of desperation and bad hygiene.

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