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Saturday’s TV, by Chris Bennion My Friend Jane BBC Two, 2.50pm Last Tuesday marked the bicentenary of the death of Jane Austen, and to recognise the anniversary BBC Two has an afternoon of programming dedicated to the author.At 1pm is Julian Jarrold’s Becoming Jane, a highly fictionalised rom-com biopic starring Anne Hathaway as the young author and James Mc Avoy as Thomas Lefroy, the lawyer with whom Jane had a long sort-of romance with.

"There's no working restrictions on doing publicity, so you find yourself talking about the same two films from 10am till midnight," he says in a Glaswegian accent that comes as a surprise, so rarely does he use it in films. The two films Mc Avoy has been promoting in the US and Canada are Starter for Ten, a sweet British rom-com in which he plays a working-class Essex lad at Bristol University in the 1980s, and The Last King of Scotland, in which he plays a Scottish doctor who becomes the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin's reluctant physician and confidant.

In Victorian London, circus freak Igor (Radcliffe) is rescued by the titular scientist (Mc Avoy), who he plans to bring life to dead flesh.

Seemingly pieced together from previous adaptations, this mish-mash never finds itself and despite Radcliffe's conviction and Mc Avoy's energy it wastes its ideas.

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