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This Texas native has performed at several prestigious comedy festivals across the state.

He combines his love for fitness and the 90’s in his unique style that is loved by all audiences, young and old.

Other Stuff: A member of the entertainment industry for over 10 years, Tyson Faifer is an award winning stand-up comic who began his comedy career in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and now lives in Van Nuys California.

No children of my own but many children in my life.

In the classroom Kimberly Church is a "fireball” who sparks interest in all learners by combining technology and creative methods so that all students speak Spanish in the classroom.

Her students engage in speed-dating activities, self-reflecting videos, and numerous speaking games.

There’s no better place to improve your game than joining the DPA — its sole intent is to keep all of us up on the latest and most important information about the industry, its people, the work…the latest equipment, and even the industry’s local and state-wide legislation.

As Kimberly herself explains, students in her classroom "…

The DPA assists local production professionals by providing educational programs, networking events and informative resources that give its members the competitive edge they need to be successful in the global marketplace.

The Intercultural Student Experiences (ISE) Language Matters Award is given to a high school teacher who has achieved outstanding success in getting his/her students to speak Spanish through exemplary motivation and creative methods; in addition, the winner shall be a teacher who has provided authentic immersion experiences outside the classroom for students to apply their speaking skills.

engage in Spanish in a variety of ways that are outside the box, outside the textbook, outside the classroom, and OUTSIDE!

He is the original winner of the East Texas Comedy Festival and can be most recently seen on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and Ford’s “Mustang Speed Dating” Commercial.

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