Funiest online dating story ireland

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Sometimes your face really does say it all - and that's certainly true for these hilarious pets.

Dog and cat owners have captured the moment their pets experienced things for the first time and the results will make you laugh out loud.

Time to clean up those dating profiles and avoid these 10 examples of what not to say and why. Use this space for describing your personality and interests instead.

Putting chat up lines in your personal is a cardinal sin when it comes to online dating.

Try that as a chat-up line and even the most desperate single will offer you a drink, and then quickly evaporate.

Yet there it is, in between "weight" and "sense of humour", in the questionnaire for a new internet dating site.

Wait and share details about past relationships face to face to avoid any misinterpretations.

Putting a line like this in your dating profile gives the impression that you’re negative and bitter which isn’t attractive.

but shall we just say I have more balls than any other dog around."Aside from being the usual mix of ugly mutts and pedigree totty, these are not your usual e-daters.

Not only does this make it seem like you haven’t let go of some hefty emotional baggage, it also puts too much pressure on your next relationship.

No one likes being the rebound or entering into the drama of a recent ex.

But it follows the same old format - bad photographs and worse spelling. David Winston, an American piano maker who has lived in Britain for 30 years, is an old e-romantic.

He met his wife, Barbara, an art restorer, online and set up to help his 84-year-old mother make new friends. "You get into trouble talking to strangers in this country," he says.

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