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Kajal’s coat was matted all over under the top layer of grey fluff.

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In fact, over half of the deaths occurred within 3 hours of recovering from anesthesia. Ideally, pets should be recovered from anesthesia in a specifically-designated area, away from boarding, barking or sick animals. Also ask what will be done to keep your pet warm during and after surgery.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, also helps children remain calm.

A mask delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and within five minutes, the patient relaxes and experiences euphoric feelings.

Although animals may be excitable while being handled during the trip to the airport and prior to loading, they probably revert to a quiescent resting state in the dark, closed cargo hold, and the sedatives may have an excessive effect.

There have been a number of instances where sedated pets traveling by air needed veterinary care to recover from the sedation. Occasionally, owners have given repeated doses to ensure a comfortable journey for their pet.

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