Mao and matsumoto jun dating

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---contain spoiler of snow white murder case---- I just watched snow whitr murderer case. Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue were spotted at a restaurant together, and they left after one another, I saw the picture and Mao was wearing a mask tin disguise and Jun Matsumoto was wearing a hat.

first i got a lil bored but as the movie go its really got interesting. think this information is too good to be true, but i will not believe anything until I hear confirmation from both Matsu Jun and Mao Inoue. La primera vez que vi a Inoue Mao fue en Hana Yori Dango en la cual que re encantada con su papel la adora yo soy de argentina y la verdad es que no conozco que digamos muchos actores japoneses solo los de el dorama pero ella como protagonista me encanto me enamore (no tan literal jaja) me gusto mucho como actuó ahora estoy viendo todas las películas en la cual participo Por lo que vi y estoy viendo es una excelente actriz en verdad se convierto en mi ACTRIZ FAVORITA ♥ Inoue Mao es una hermosisima chica y muy talentosa y no se que mas poner ya que no se mucho de la solo que que escriben ,pero me gusta y por lo que leí estoy muy segura que tan bien es muy educada ,buena y en lo que a mi me concierne lo creo porque no parece lo contrario. This is the first time I ever feel like nothing is impossoble when it comes to your hardwork, and thats after I watch you!

Okay, so in regards to Jun and Mao, there are dozens of comments about them ever since Hana Yori Dango.

No hate for those who don't ship them but MAO AND JUN IS THE BEST COUPLE EVER. :) of all the japanese actress i've known, inoue mao seems to be the boyish of them all, in the way she act and in real life also, but definitely she's the cutest especially in her batch.... I feel that she always manages to pull people's heartstrings. I heard that she's picky when it comes to choosing roles hence the reason why she doesn't appear in many dramas like other actresses, but I think that's good. I'm tired of watching dramas with a great cast and a crappy female protagonist. You became more beautiful in I Give My First Love to You with your curly hairstyle. Inoue Mao's portrayal as Mayu Taneda in "I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu)" is really moving and amazing.

I am really praying for them to end up being together. She is talented, pretty, down to earth, educated, and most importantly well-grounded from the interviews I've seen with her. Even her beauty seems that of a traditional one, instead of trying hard to to Westernize her looks.

Incomplete, often non-linear set of drabbles from a universe where Ohno has a five year old daughter he never knew about...until now.

(Based off the jdrama of the same name starring Aiba Masaki! Filming is tiring, so when Mao found a cake box in Jun's greenroom, courtesy of Aiba Masaki, she asks for a piece. When Aiba's cousin gets married, Aiba decides to find a partner and to fall in love too.

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