Sms chat hook up

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Twilio will hit a URL we provide with information about each incoming SMS so we can deliver them to the right person.As we said it earlier, Micromax is doing everything to be a world class brand and this is quite obvious by their series of Ninja Superfone announcement in quick succession in last two months.

Moreover we have more good news for the Smarty A25 buyers that Micromax is providing them full returns on the amount paid towards the device by providing one year full offer of free 330 text messages per month.That is simply superb and we are sure that students would be making full use of this smart phone as its affordable in price range and provides free credits for SMS. These are gripping, edge-of-your seat thrillers that will keep you reading for hours. Every HOOKED story is told as a bite-sized text message conversation, as if you were reading someone else's chat history.This means we can just add more numbers as our volume increases. Allocating a local number on Twilio takes about 15 seconds (even less if you do it through their API). Two-way messaging – We need to be told about replies to the messages we send so mobile users can actually have conversations.We also need to use a different phone number for each chat session you have so that we know who you’re replying to (that’s where the short codes get expensive).

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