Updating facebook through twitter

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Note that you also have the option of undoing this link at anytime by visiting facebook.com/twitter.This is not an application by a third-party, but the official Facebook / Twitter integration.Twitter doesn't serve the same role: Though both are social networks, Twitter is about reaching out to an audience and sharing interesting information.It's about expanding your social circle in the interest of self-promotion or brand promotion, or following the developments of industries you're invested in.Now you’ll be able to simply post a status update in Facebook that will save you from having to login to both services and post two separate updates.Note: since Twitter has a 140 character limit, it will automatically truncate your post with an automatically created short URL (Example fb.me/XYC) that will link back to the original post on Facebook.Once you click on “Authorize” it will redirect you back to Facebook where you see the following screen and can select what type of content you’d like to share by clicking on the boxes.Here you can decide how much information you want to share with Twitter then click “save changes” and you’re all set!

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Believe it or not you can add Twitter to Facebook in just a few clicks of your mouse.

This post may contain affiliate links — the cost is the same to you, but we get a referral fee. We can help you take one element out of that equation by having your Facebook status updates automatically convert into tweets.

Frustrated at having to post a status update, tweet, and promote your blog post all at the same time?

From there it will take you to a prompt to authorize Facebook to use your account.

If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your Twitter username and password first.

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