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The beans binding library simplifies and standardizes all of this.

You can merely write a few lines of code to establish which properties of which components need to be kept in sync, and the beans binding library handles the rest.

Maybe a stupid question and\or I've missed the obvious...

One of the issues we have with our Palo firewalls is - when we deploy 'active' IPS rules (block-ip etc) the maximum length of time is 3600 seconds.

The extended class then can be observed by other interested classes in other parts of the program.

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I've heard that Q Learning is known to diverge on non-linear input, but are there anything else that I can try to stop the divergence of the weights?

The registered classes are notified as soon as any change is triggered in the observable class to which the observer class is registered to.

This is the relation between the Observable and Observer classes.

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