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After that, he started working as a salesperson for software.

Cuban was fired from that job and this might be his luck to start a new beginning.

And then Mark said, 'I have no problem being rude.'" Cuban often happens to be at the center of a lot of these arguments because he’s by far the richest among the judges and is capable of stealing some of the deals with higher offers.

“We have a segment coming up where, I can’t tell you all about it, but Lori, Mark, and I got into an argument," Herjavec said, referring to Lori Greiner, another shark.

Kang said the insults -- which came in the form of emails, app reviews and You Tube comments -- were largely the same sentiment: "Greedy sisters." They were called everything from spoiled to stupid.

"At some point, I did wonder, if I were a guy, would I have been called all of these names?

"If you want an investment, you can't not tell us," said Cuban, who quickly opted out of a deal.

After learning more about the company's growth, however, Cuban asked if the Kangs would sell the entire business for million, an offer they immediately declined.

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